Welcome to Nanoelectronic and Optical Devices Laboratory (NEOL)!

In NEOL, we are developing novel nanoscale electron devices, high-efficiency optical devices with higher scalability, and the integrated circuits for ultra-low-power/high-speed applications and for the next-generation VLSI systems. Also, bio-motivated and bio-interacting electronics are under research for quenching the issues in electron devices/ integrated circuits and for deeper influences on our daily lives. Pursuing the goals, we are making efforts to deliver good news to the technical society and many people.

Anyone who is interested in working in our research group, as either graduate or undergraduate research member, is welcomed to contact Prof. Seongjae Cho through felixcho@gachon.ac.kr or leave a message in the Contact Information tab.


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    Advanced CMOS Devices

    Various novel logic devices including FinFET, tunneling FET, junctionless FET, heterojunction transistors, and high carrier mobility transistors for high-speed and ultra-low-power applications. Device design, DC and RF modeling, and device fabrication.

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    Lead and Emerging Memory Technologies

    Focused on 3D NAND flash memory and RRAM: materials, device structures, 3D array architectures, and reliable and fast operation schemes. Circuit-level modeling of memory cells included.

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    Optical Devices and On-Chip Optical Interconnect

    Optical devices including LED, photodetector, waveguide, optical modulator, and resonator for on-chip optical interconnect. Group-IV drivability is highly emphasized with Si, SiGe, and GeSn.

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    Bio-Motivated and Bio-Interacting Devices and Integrated Circuits

    Electrically/optically operated devices and monolithically integrated circuits and synaptic devices for neuromorphhic systems aiming next-generation computing technology.