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191 Umbreen Rasheed, Hojeong Ryu, Chandreswar Mahata, Rana M. Arif Khalil, Muhammad Imran, Anwar Manzoor Rana, Farhana Kousar, Boram Kim, Yoon Kim, Seongjae Cho, Fayyaz Hussain, and Sungjun Kim Resistive switching characteristics and theoretical simulation of a Pt/a-Ta2O5/TiN synaptic device for neuromorphic applications Journal of Alloys and Compounds 877 160204-1-160204-10 Oct. 2021
190 Quan The Nguyen, Deokjin Jang, Md. Hasan Raza Ansari, Garam Kim, Seongjae Cho, and Il Hwan Cho Reliability improvement of 1T DRAM based on feedback transistor by using local partial insulators Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 60 10 104002-1-104002-7 Oct. 2021
189 Min-Hwi Kim, Sungmin Hwang, Suhyun Bang, Tae-Hyeon Kim, Dong Keun Lee, Md. Hasan Raza Ansari, Seongjae Cho, and Byung-Gook Park A More Hardware-Oriented Spiking Neural Network Based on Leading Memory Technology and Its Application With Reinforcement Learning IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 68 9 4411-4417 Sep. 2021
188 Songyi Yoo, In-Man Kang, Seongjae Cho, Wookyung Sun, and Hyungsoon Shin Analysis of Grain Boundary Dependent Memory Characteristics in Poly-Si One-Transistor Dynamic Random-Access Memory Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 21 8 4216-4222 Aug. 2021
187 Md. Hasan Raza Ansari, Udaya Mohanan Kannan, and Seongjae Cho Core-Shell Dual-Gate Nanowire Charge-Trap Memory for Synaptic Operations for Neuromorphic Applications Nanomaterials 11 7 1773-1-1773-14 Jul. 2021
186 Jongwan Jung, Baegmo Son, Byungmin Kam, Yong Sang Joh, Woonyoung Jeong, Seongjae Cho, Won-Jun Lee, and Sangjoon Park Process steps for high quality Si-based epitaxial growth at low temperature via RPCVD Materials 14 13 3733-1-3733-11 Jul. 2021
185 Tanzia Chowdhury, Romel Hidayat, Hye-Lee Kim, Tirta Rona Mayangsari, Seongjae Cho, Sangjoon Park, Jongwan Jung, and Won-Jun Lee Density functional theory study on the modification of silicon nitride surface by fluorine-containing molecules Applied Surface Science 554 149481-1-149481-9 Jul. 2021
184 Min-Hwi Kim, Seongjae Cho, and Byung-Gook Park Nanoscale wedge resistive-switching synaptic device and experimental verification of vector-matrix multiplication for hardware neuromorphic application Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 60 5 050905-1-050905-5 May 2021
183 Dongyeon Kang, Jun Tae Jang, Shinyoung Park, Md. Hasan Raza Ansari, Jong-Ho Bae, Sung-Jin Choi, Dong Myong Kim, Changwook Kim, Seongjae Cho, and Daehwan Kim Threshold-Variation-Tolerant Coupling-Gate α-IGZO Synaptic Transistor for More Reliably Controllable Hardware Neuromorphic System IEEE Access 9 59345-59352 Apr. 2021
182 Md. Hasan Raza Ansari and Seongjae Cho Performance Improvement of 1T DRAM by Raised Source and Drain Engineering IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 68 4 1577-1584 Apr. 2021
181 Hocheon Yoo, Keun Heo, Md. Hasan Raza Ansari, and Seongjae Cho Recent Advances in Electrical Doping of 2D Semiconductor Materials: Methods, Analyses, and Applications Nanomaterials 11 4 832-1-832-21 Mar. 2021
180 Dong Keun Lee, Min-Hwi Kim, Suhyun Bang, Tae-Hyeon Kim, Yeon-Joon Choi, Kyungho Hong, Sungjun Kim, Seongjae Cho, Jong-Ho Lee, Byung-Gook Park Improvement of Resistive Switching Characteristics of Titanium Oxide Based Nano-Wedge RRAM through Nickel Silicidation IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 68 1 438-442 Jan. 2021
179 Yeon-Joon Choi, Min-Hwi Kim, Suhyun Bang, Tae-Hyeon Kim, Dong Keun Lee, Kyungho Hong, Chae Soo Kim, Sungjun Kim, Seongjae Cho, and Byung-Gook Park Insertion of Ag Layer in TiN/SiNx/TiN RRAM and Its Effect on Filament Formation modelled by Monte Carlo Simulation IEEE Access 8 228720-228730 Dec. 2020
178 Md. Hasan Raza Ansari, Seongjae Cho, and Byung-Gook Park More physical understanding of current characteristics of tunneling field-effect transistor leveraged by gate positions and properties through dual-gate and gate-all-around structuring Applied Physics A 126 11 839-1-839-8 Oct. 2020
177 Eunjung Ko, Seon Haeng Lee, Md. Hasan Raza Ansari, Seung Wook Ryu, and Seongjae Cho Dependency of electrical performances and reliability of 28-nm logic transistor on gate oxide interface treatment methods Applied Physics Express 13 10 101003-1-101003-3 Sep. 2020
176 Dong Keun Lee, Min-Hwi Kim, Suhyun Bang, Tae-Hyeon Kim, Sungjun Kim, Seongjae Cho, and Byung-Gook Park Multilevel Switching Characteristics of Si3N4-Based Nano-Wedge Resistive Switching Memory and Array Simulation for In-Memory Computing Application Electronics 9 8 1228-1-1228-8 Aug. 2020
175 Donguk Kim, Jun Tae Jang, Eunseon Yu, Jungyu Park, Jungi Min, Dong Myong Kim, Sung-Jin Choi, Hyun-Sun Mo, Seongjae Cho, Kaushik Roy, and Dae Hwan Kim Pd/IGZO/p+-Si Synaptic Device with Self-Graded Oxygen Concentrations for Highly Linear Weight Adjustability and Improved Energy Efficiency ACS Applied Electronic Materials 2 8 2390-2397 Aug. 2020
174 Seongjae Cho, Stanley S. Cheung, Yung Hun Jung, Sae-Kyoung Kang, Dal Ho Lee, and Byung-Gook Park Ge-on-Si Photodetector with Enhanced Optical Responsivity by Advanced Metallization Geometry Journal of Semiconductor Technology and Science 20 4 366-371 Aug. 2020
173 Eunseon Yu, Seongjae Cho, Kaushik Roy, and Byung-Gook Park A Quantum-Well Charge-Trap Synaptic Transistor with Highly Linear Weight Tunability IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society 8 834-840 Aug. 2020
172 Hyojong Cho, Ji-Ho Ryu, Chandreswar Mahata, Muhammad Ismail, Ying-Chen Chen, Yao-Feng Chang, Seongjae Cho, Alexey Mikhaylov, Jack Lee, Sungjun Kim Bipolar resistive switching with unidirectional selector function in nitride/oxide heterostructures Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 53 43 435102-1-435102-6 Aug. 2020
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