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161 Eunseon Yu, Baegmo Son, Byungmin Kam, Yong Sang Joh, Sangjoon Park, Won-Jun Lee, Jongwan Jung, and Seongjae Cho Si-core/SiGe-shell channel nanowire FET for sub-10-nm logic technology in the THz regime Wiley ETRI Journal 41 6 829-837 Dec. 2019
160 Ki Seok Kim, You Jin Ji, Ki Hyun Kim, Seunghyuk Choi, Dong-Ho Kang, Keun Heo, Seongjae Cho, Soonmin Yim, Sungjoo Lee, Jin-Hong Park, Yeon Sik Jung, and Geun Young Yeom Ultrasensitive MoS2 photodetector by serial nano-bridge multi-heterojunction Nature Communications 10 4701-1-4701-10 Oct. 2019
159 Jae Hwa Seo, Young Jun Yoon, Seongjae Cho, In Man Kang, and Jong-Ho Lee Design Optimization and Analysis of InGaAs/InAs/InGaAs Heterojunction-Based Electron Hole Bilayer Tunneling FETs Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 19 10 6070-6076 Oct. 2019
158 Hyeonjeong Kim, In Man Kang, Seongjae Cho, Wookyung Sun, and Hyungsoon Shin Analysis of operation characteristics of junctionless poly-Si 1T DRAM in accumulation mode Semiconductor Science and Technology 34 10 15007-1-15007-8 Oct. 2019
157 Eunseon Yu, Seongjae Cho, and Byung-Gook Park A Silicon-Compatible Synaptic Transistor Capable of Multiple Synaptic Weights toward Energy-Efficient Neuromorphic Systems Electronics 8 10 1102-1-1102-12 Sep. 2019
156 Yung Hun Jung, In Man Kang, and Seongjae Cho Microwave analysis of SiGe heterojunction double-gate tunneling field-effect transistor through its small-signal equivalent circuit International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer-Aided Engineering 29 6 21678-1-21678-7 Jun. 2019
155 Young Jun Yoon, Jae Hwa Seo, Seongjae Cho, Jong-Ho Lee, and In Man Kang A polycrystalline-silicon dual-gate MOSFET-based 1T-DRAM using grain boundary-induced variable resistance Applied Physics Letters 114 18 183503-1-183503-5 May 2019
154 Jongmin Ha, Jae Yoon Lee, Myeongseon Kim, Seongjae Cho, and Il Hwan Cho Investigation and Optimization of Double-Gate MPI 1T DRAM with Gate-Induced Drain Leakage Operation Journal of Semiconductor Technology and Science 19 2 165-171 Apr. 2019
153 Jae Hwa Seo, Young Jun Yoon, Eunseon Yu, Wookyung Sun, Hyungsoon Shin, In Man Kang, Jong-Ho Lee, and Seongjae Cho Fabrication and Characterization of a Thin-Body Poly-Si 1T DRAM with Charge-Trap Effect IEEE Electron Device Letters 40 4 566-569 Apr. 2019
152 Eunseon Yu, Seongjae Cho, Hyungsoon Shin, and Byung-Gook Park A Band-Engineered One-Transistor DRAM with Improved Data Retention and Power Efficiency IEEE Electron Device Letters 40 4 562-565 Apr. 2019
151 Dong Keun Lee, Min-Hwi Kim, Tae-Hyeon Kim, Suhyun Bang, Yeon-Joon Choi, Sungjun Kim, Seongjae Cho, and Byung-Gook Park Synaptic behaviors of HfO2 ReRAM by pulse frequency modulation Solid-State Electronics 154 31-35 Apr. 2019
150 Min Su Cho, Young Jun Yoon, Seongjae Cho, and In Man Kang Design and analysis of logic inverter using antimonide-based compound semiconductor junctionless transistor Applied Physics A 125 3 173-1-173-9 Mar. 2019
149 Jae Yoon Lee, Youngmin Kim, Min-Hwi Kim, Seoyeon Go, Seung Wook Ryu, Jae Yeon Lee, Tae Jung Ha, Soo Gil Kim, Seongjae Cho, and Byung-Gook Park Ni/GeOx/p+ Si resistive-switching random-access memory with full Si processing compatibility and its characterization and modeling Vacuum 161 63-70 Mar. 2019
148 Yongbeom Cho, Jae Yoon Lee, Eunseon Yu, Jae-Hee Han, Myung-Hyun Baek, Seongjae Cho, and Byung-Gook Park Design and Characterization of Semi-Floating-Gate Synaptic Transistor Micromachines 10 1 32-41 Jan. 2019
147 Yung Hun Jung, In Man Kang, and Seongjae Cho Analysis of tunneling field-effect transistor with germanium source junction using small-signal equivalent circuit Microwave and Optical Technology Letters 60 12 2922-2926 Dec. 2018
146 Suhyun Bang, Min-Hwi Kim, Tae-Hyeon Kim, Dong Keun Lee, Sungjun Kim, Seongjae Cho, and Byung-Gook Park Gradual switching and self-rectifying characteristics of Cu/α-IGZO/p+-Si RRAM for synaptic device application Solid-State Electronics 150 60-65 Dec. 2018
145 Myeongsun Kim, Jongmin Ha, Ikhyeon Kwon, Jae-Hee Han, Seongjae Cho, and Il Hwan Cho A Novel One-Transistor Dynamic Random-Access Memory (1T DRAM) Featuring Partially Inserted Wide-Bandgap Double Barrier for High-Temperature Applications Micromachines 9 11 581-589 Nov. 2018
144 Min-Woo Kwon, Myung-Hyun Baek, Sungmin Hwang, Kyungchul Park, Tejin Jang, Taehyung Kim, Junil Lee, Seongjae Cho, and Byung-Gook Park Integrate-and-fire neuron circuit using positive feedback field effect transistor for low power operation Journal of Applied Physics 124 15 152107-1-152107-7 Sep. 2018
143 Bo Gyeong Kim, Jae Hwa Seo, Young Jun Yoon, Min Su Cho, Eunseon Yu, Jung-Hee Lee, Seongjae Cho, and In Man Kang Simulation of One-Transistor Dynamic Random-Access Memory Based on Symmetric Double-Gate Si Junctionless Transistor Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 18 9 6593-6597 Sep. 2018
142 Eunseon Yu, Kun Heo, and Seongjae Cho Characterization and Optimization of Inverted-T FinFET Under Nanoscale Dimensions IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 65 8 3521-3527 Aug. 2018
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